Schools' Head 2016 - Results

Results 2016

Category Results

Crew No. Crew Event Course Time Position Cat Position
1Westminster SchChamp eights17:3811
10Shiplake CollegeChamp eights17:4222
2St Pauls Sch BCChamp eights17:4222
3Eton CollChamp eights17:4644
8Abingdon SchChamp eights17:5255
6St Edwards SchChamp eights17:5366
7Hampton Sch BCChamp eights17:5477
4Radley CollegeChamp eights17:5588
31Winchester CollSchool 1st Eights18:1191
5Royal Shrewsbury SchChamp eights18:12109
9Kings Sch ChesterChamp eights18:141110
12MEC HungaryChamp eights18:161211
15Kings College SchSchool 1st Eights18:22132
14Portora BCChamp eights18:231412
56St Pauls Sch BCSchool 2nd Eights18:24151
42Windsor Boys SchSchool 1st Eights18:24153
41Norwich SchSchool 1st Eights18:25174
52Hampton Sch BCSchool 2nd Eights18:27182
24Lon Oratory SchSchool 1st Eights18:28195
54Westminster SchSchool 2nd Eights18:29203
20Bedford SchSchool 1st Eights18:31216
22Kingston G SchSchool 1st Eights18:31216
44St Pauls Sch BCJ16 Champ eights18:32231
21Reading Blue Coat SchSchool 1st Eights18:34248
16Latymer Upper SchSchool 1st Eights18:35259
51Eton CollSchool 2nd Eights18:39264
69Claires Court SchSchool/Jun Quads18:40271
28Kings Sch CanterburySchool 1st Eights18:402710
61Shiplake CollegeSchool 2nd Eights18:40275
11Aberdeen Schools RaChamp eights18:443013
45Hampton Sch BCJ16 Champ eights18:45312
67Marlow RCSchool/Jun Quads18:47322
37Dulwich CollSchool 1st Eights18:493311
17Sir W Borlase s GS BCSchool 1st Eights18:493311
50Kings College SchJ16 Champ eights18:52353
68Windsor Boys SchSchool/Jun Quads18:52353
57Abingdon SchSchool 2nd Eights18:54376
55Radley CollegeSchool 2nd Eights18:54376
76Glasgow Schools RaSchool/Jun Quads18:58394
53Kings Sch ChesterSchool 2nd Eights18:58398
25Monmouth School RCSchool 1st Eights19:034113
103Eton CollSchool Third Eights19:04421
58Royal Shrewsbury SchSchool 2nd Eights19:04429
99Bedford Modern SchSchool/Jun Quads19:08445
70Thames RCSchool/Jun Quads19:08445
43Yarm SchSchool 1st Eights19:094614
73Kings Sch Worcs ASchool/Jun Quads19:10477
108Dulwich CollSchool J16 First 819:12481
109Norwich SchSchool J16 First 819:13492
115Gt Marlow SchSchool J16 First 819:14503
71Gloucester HartpurySchool/Jun Quads19:16518
110Bedford SchSchool J16 First 819:18524
123Westminster SchJ15 Champ eights19:18521
114Kings Sch ChesterSchool J16 First 819:19545
72Kingston RCSchool/Jun Quads19:21559
66Lon Oratory SchSchool 2nd Eights19:235610
81Tiffin Sch ASchool/Jun Quads19:245710
27Claires Court SchSchool 1st Eights19:255815
118St Pauls Sch BCJ15 Champ eights19:25582
26Methodist Coll Belfast RCSchool 1st Eights19:266016
131Headington SchChamp Girls Eights19:28611
33MillfieldSchool 1st Eights19:296217
119Hampton Sch BCJ15 Champ eights19:30633
128Marlow RCJ15 Champ eights19:30633
120Royal Shrewsbury SchJ15 Champ eights19:31655
105Royal Shrewsbury SchSchool Third Eights19:31652
47Royal Shrewsbury SchJ16 Champ eights19:31654
112St Georges CollSchool J16 First 819:31656
38Emanuel SchSchool 1st Eights19:336918
122Kings Sch ChesterJ15 Champ eights19:33696
40Monkton Combe SchSchool 1st Eights19:347119
162Hampton Sch BCJ16 Second 819:35721
134Henley RCChamp Girls Eights19:35722
202Hampton Sch BC AJ15 Second 819:39741
170Latymer Upper SchSchool J15 First 819:39741
102Hampton Sch BCSchool Third Eights19:40763
18Canford SchSchool 1st Eights19:437720
111Emanuel SchSchool J16 First 819:43777
82Tyne ARCSchool/Jun Quads19:437711
30Bryanston SchSchool 1st Eights19:458021
106Shiplake CollegeSchool Third Eights19:45804
135Lady E HollesChamp Girls Eights19:47823
142Nottingham RCChamp Girls Eights19:48834
96Durham SchSchool/Jun Quads19:498412
155GlobeJ16 Quads19:49841
84Star ClubSchool/Jun Quads19:528613
156Eton CollJ16 Quads19:53872
83Tideway Scullers SchSchool/Jun Quads19:538714
295St Georges CollSchool/Jun Fours19:54891
143Marlow RCChamp Girls Eights19:55905
64Yarm SchSchool 2nd Eights19:559011
121Radley CollegeJ15 Champ eights19:56927
150RGS High WycombeJ16 Quads19:58933
307Tideway Scullers SchJ16 Fours19:58931
87RGS WorcesterSchool/Jun Quads20:009515
75Molesey BCSchool/Jun Quads20:019616
48Abingdon SchJ16 Champ eights20:02975
46Eton CollJ16 Champ eights20:04986
144Lea RCChamp Girls Eights20:04986
153Marlow RCJ16 Quads20:04984
59Reading Blue Coat SchSchool 2nd Eights20:049812
35Bradford Grammar SchSchool 1st Eights20:0510222
171Kings College SchSchool J15 First 820:081032
296Molesey BCSchool/Jun Fours20:081032
107Abingdon SchSchool Third Eights20:091055
168Eton Coll BJ16 Second 820:091052
32Hills Road (Cantabrigian)School 1st Eights20:0910523
233Lady E Holles AJ16 Champ girls 820:091051
167Kings College SchJ16 Second 820:101093
210Kings Sch ChesterJ15 Second 820:121102
62Pangbourne CollSchool 2nd Eights20:1411113
74Reading RC ASchool/Jun Quads20:1411117
126St Edwards SchJ15 Champ eights20:141118
160Dulwich CollJ16 Second 820:161144
95George Watsons CollSchool/Jun Quads20:1611418
203St Pauls Sch BC AJ15 Second 820:161143
248Gloucester HartpuryGirls Quads20:171171
176St Georges CollSchool J15 First 820:171173
124Abingdon SchJ15 Champ eights20:181199
242Henley RCJ16 Champ girls 820:181192
104Radley CollegeSchool Third Eights20:181196
259Molesey BCGirls Quads20:201222
23Bedford Modern SchSchool 1st Eights20:2112324
174Dulwich CollSchool J15 First 820:211234
158City of Bristol RCJ16 Quads20:221255
175Bedford SchSchool J15 First 820:231265
313Lon Oratory SchJ16 Fours20:241272
132Sir W Borlase s GS BCChamp Girls Eights20:241277
164St Pauls Sch BCJ16 Second 820:241275
60Bedford SchSchool 2nd Eights20:2513014
250Glasgow Schools RaGirls Quads20:271313
79St Pauls Sch BC ASchool/Jun Quads20:2813219
178Monmouth School RCSchool J15 First 820:291336
90Norwich SchSchool/Jun Quads20:2913320
93Kings Sch ElySchool/Jun Quads20:3013521
251Surbiton H Sch AGirls Quads20:301354
243Headington SchJ16 Champ girls 820:311373
133Merion Mercy Academy USAChamp Girls Eights20:331388
163Royal Shrewsbury SchJ16 Second 820:331386
304Westminster Sch AJ16 Fours20:331383
85St Peters SchSchool/Jun Quads20:3414122
98Bideford AACSchool/Jun Quads20:3614223
151Reading Blue Coat SchJ16 Quads20:361426
300Gt Marlow SchSchool/Jun Fours20:381443
290Kings Sch WorcsSchool/Jun Fours20:401454
180Sir W Borlase s GS BCSchool J15 First 820:401457
92Leys School BCSchool/Jun Quads20:4114724
258Shiplake VikingsGirls Quads20:411475
299Kings College SchSchool/Jun Fours20:421495
136Kings Sch ChesterChamp Girls Eights20:421499
29Oratory SchSchool 1st Eights20:4214925
187Pangbourne CollGirls School First 820:421491
127Shiplake CollegeJ15 Champ eights20:4315310
191St Pauls Girls Sch BCGirls School First 820:431532
173Norwich SchSchool J15 First 820:441558
100Tiffin Sch BSchool/Jun Quads20:4415525
195Emanuel SchGirls School First 820:461573
226Molesey BCMixed Quads20:471581
190Surbiton H SchGirls School First 820:471584
249Latymer Upper SchGirls Quads20:481606
86St Georges CollSchool/Jun Quads20:4916126
309Walton RCJ16 Fours20:491614
145Kings Sch Worcs AJ16 Quads20:501637
257Thames RCGirls Quads20:501637
157Emanuel SchJ16 Quads20:511658
49St Edwards SchJ16 Champ eights20:511657
177Kingston G SchSchool J15 First 820:521679
208Dulwich Coll AJ15 Second 820:541684
169Gt Marlow SchSchool J15 First 820:5516910
213Hampton Sch BC BJ15 Second 820:581705
314Kingston G SchJ16 Fours20:591715
116Bryanston SchSchool J16 First 821:001728
206Kings College SchJ15 Second 821:001726
207Radley CollegeJ15 Second 821:001726
139St Edwards SchChamp Girls Eights21:0017210
159Eton Coll AJ16 Second 821:021767
205Abingdon Sch AJ15 Second 821:071788
282Nottingham RCJ16 Girls Quads21:071781
140Portora BCChamp Girls Eights21:0717711
253Royal Shrewsbury Sch AGirls Quads21:081808
308Trentham BCJ16 Fours21:081806
315Westminster Sch BJ16 Fours21:081806
149RGS WorcesterJ16 Quads21:091839
125Eton Coll AJ15 Champ eights21:1018411
291George Heriots SchSchool/Jun Fours21:101846
301Eton CollSchool/Jun Fours21:111867
331Latymer Upper Sch AJ15 Girls Champ 821:111861
267Tyne ARCGirls Quads21:111869
161Abingdon SchJ16 Second 821:121898
184St Peters SchSchool J15 First 821:1218911
298Latymer Upper SchSchool/Jun Fours21:131918
183Pangbourne CollSchool J15 First 821:1419212
188Yarm Sch AGirls School First 821:141925
172Yarm SchSchool J15 First 821:1519413
230Emanuel SchMixed Quads21:161952
193Methodist Coll Belfast RCGirls School First 821:161956
292Whitgift Sch BCSchool/Jun Fours21:161959
199Bedford Modern SchGirls School First 821:171987
148St Peters SchJ16 Quads21:1819910
117Bedford Modern SchSchool J16 First 821:192009
129Eton Coll BJ15 Champ eights21:2020112
318Henley RCJ15 Girls Champ 821:202012
146Team KeaneJ16 Quads21:2020111
277City of OxfordGirls Quads21:2220410
194Lady E HollesGirls School First 821:222048
320Headington SchJ15 Girls Champ 821:252063
13Olona 1894 cc ItalyChamp eights21:2520614
152Radnor House SchJ16 Quads21:2520612
310Shiplake CollegeJ16 Fours21:252068
80Kings Sch Worcs BSchool/Jun Quads21:2821027
232Marlow RCJ16 Champ girls 821:282104
219Shiplake CollegeJ15 Second 821:282109
224Sir W Borlase s GS BCMixed Quads21:292133
179Canford SchSchool J15 First 821:3021414
255Nottingham RCGirls Quads21:3121511
239Lea RCJ16 Champ girls 821:322165
283Molesey BCJ16 Girls Quads21:322162
77Reading RC BSchool/Jun Quads21:3421828
166Kings Sch ChesterJ16 Second 821:352199
241Lady E Holles BJ16 Champ girls 821:352196
247Bedford Girls Sch RCJ16 Champ girls 821:392217
288City of OxfordJ16 Girls Quads21:392213
319Lady E HollesJ15 Girls Champ 821:392214
357Westminster SchJ15 Fours21:392211
367A B Severn BCJ15 Fours21:402252
113Methodist Coll Belfast RCSchool J16 First 821:4022510
181Bedford Modern SchSchool J15 First 821:4122715
236Ross RCJ16 Champ girls 821:412278
147StainesJ16 Quads21:4222913
269WalbrookGirls Quads21:4222912
244Glasgow Schools RaJ16 Champ girls 821:442319
34Manchester G SchSchool 1st Eights21:4523226
228Kings Sch ChesterMixed Quads21:482334
263Kingston RCGirls Quads21:4823313
182Reading Blue Coat SchSchool J15 First 821:4823316
303Charterhouse Sch BCSchool/Jun Fours21:5023610
262Maidenhead RCGirls Quads21:5023614
311Reading Blue Coat SchJ16 Fours21:502369
294St Peters SchSchool/Jun Fours21:5123911
280Royal Shrewsbury Sch BGirls Quads21:5224015
39Leys School BCSchool 1st Eights21:5324127
91MillfieldSchool/Jun Quads21:5524229
271St Georges CollGirls Quads21:5524216
360Trentham BCJ15 Fours21:552423
326Emanuel SchJ15 Girls Champ 821:572455
332Putney High SchJ15 Girls Champ 821:572455
305Windsor Boys SchJ16 Fours21:5724510
261Bedford Girls Sch RCGirls Quads21:5824817
192Shiplake CollegeGirls School First 821:582489
252Kings Sch WorcsGirls Quads21:5925018
340HMSG RCSchool/Jun Girls Four22:002511
235St Peters SchJ16 Champ girls 822:0025110
89St Pauls Sch BC BSchool/Jun Quads22:0125330
289A B Severn BCJ16 Girls Quads22:022544
204Eton Coll AJ15 Second 822:0225410
154Kings Sch Worcs BJ16 Quads22:0325614
216Abingdon Sch BJ15 Second 822:0425711
312Monmouth School RCJ16 Fours22:0425711
350Putney High SchSchool/Jun Girls Four22:042572
264Godolphin SchGirls Quads22:0626019
165Reading Blue Coat SchJ16 Second 822:0726110
231Charterhouse Sch BCMixed Quads22:082625
345Godolphin SchSchool/Jun Girls Four22:082623
330St Edwards SchJ15 Girls Champ 822:082627
209Bedford SchJ15 Second 822:1026512
338Latymer Upper Sch BJ15 Girls Champ 822:122668
344George Heriots SchSchool/Jun Girls Four22:132674
222Dulwich Coll BJ15 Second 822:1626813
237Pangbourne CollJ16 Champ girls 822:1726911
293Walton RCSchool/Jun Fours22:1827012
254Kingston G SchGirls Quads22:1927120
359Whitgift Sch BCJ15 Fours22:192714
355Canford SchSchool/Jun Girls Four22:202735
323Sir W Borlase s GS BC AJ15 Girls Champ 822:252749
285Kings Sch ElyJ16 Girls Quads22:262755
321St Georges CollJ15 Girls Champ 822:3027610
333Gt Marlow SchJ15 Girls Champ 822:3127711
138Hills Road (Cantabrigian)Champ Girls Eights22:3227912
256Putney High SchGirls Quads22:3227821
325Sir William Perkins s SchJ15 Girls Champ 822:3728012
327Kingston G SchJ15 Girls Champ 822:4028113
347Thames RCSchool/Jun Girls Four22:402826
186Kings Sch CanterburySchool J15 First 822:4228317
266Stratford-upon-Avon BCGirls Quads22:4328422
374Godolphin Sch AJ16 Girls Four22:452851
281Walton RCJ16 Girls Quads22:452856
63Hills Road (Cantabrigian)School 2nd Eights22:4628715
369Trentham BCJ16 Girls Four22:462872
275Gloucester RCGirls Quads22:4728923
221Monmouth School RCJ15 Second 822:4929014
306Whitgift Sch BCJ16 Fours22:4929012
137Northwich RCChamp Girls Eights22:5029213
361St Pauls Sch BCJ15 Fours22:502925
270StainesGirls Quads22:5329424
245CantabrigianJ16 Champ girls 822:5529512
343Kings Sch WorcsSchool/Jun Girls Four22:552957
227Kings Sch WorcsMixed Quads22:582976
246Boston RCJ16 Champ girls 822:5929813
276Durham SchGirls Quads22:5929925
329St Pauls Girls Sch BC AJ15 Girls Champ 822:5929914
363LVS Ascot BCJ15 Fours23:003016
346Walton RCSchool/Jun Girls Four23:003018
352Gt Marlow SchSchool/Jun Girls Four23:013039
214Reading Blue Coat SchJ15 Second 823:0430415
353George Watsons CollSchool/Jun Girls Four23:0630510
348Sir W Borlase s GS BCSchool/Jun Girls Four23:0830611
322Kingston RCJ15 Girls Champ 823:0930715
375GlobeJ16 Girls Four23:103083
268Westminster SchGirls Quads23:1430926
366Bryanston SchJ15 Fours23:163107
274Hollowell ScullersGirls Quads23:1831227
362Norwich SchJ15 Fours23:183118
324HMSG RCJ15 Girls Champ 823:2231316
335Bedford Modern SchJ15 Girls Champ 823:2331417
371Molesey BCJ16 Girls Four23:233144
211Bedford Modern SchJ15 Second 823:2431616
336St Pauls Girls Sch BC BJ15 Girls Champ 823:2731718
373Grange SchJ16 Girls Four23:303185
200Yarm Sch BGirls School First 823:3131910
287Emanuel SchJ16 Girls Quads23:353207
272MillfieldGirls Quads23:3632128
215Eton Coll BJ15 Second 823:4232217
197Champ Thames (Camb)Girls School First 823:4332311
316Bradford Grammar SchJ16 Fours23:4832413
334Canford SchJ15 Girls Champ 823:4932519
328Godolphin SchJ15 Girls Champ 823:5332620
354Canottieri Luino ItalySchool/Jun Girls Four23:5732712
337Sir W Borlase s GS BC BJ15 Girls Champ 824:0732821
198Bryanston SchGirls School First 824:0832912
349Reading Blue Coat SchSchool/Jun Girls Four24:1433013
297Leys School BCSchool/Jun Fours24:2133113
365Kingston G SchJ15 Fours24:223329
201Hills Road (Cantabrigian)Girls School First 824:2333313
189CantabrigianGirls School First 824:4333414
356Bedford Modern SchSchool/Jun Girls Four25:0733514
370RGS WorcesterJ16 Girls Four25:083366
377Godolphin Sch BJ16 Girls Four25:113377
196City of Cambridge St MarysGirls School First 825:1433915
372Kings Sch WorcsJ16 Girls Four25:143388
141Olona 1894 cc ItalyChamp Girls Eights25:5934014
185Leys School BCSchool J15 First 826:0634118
240Latymer Upper SchJ16 Champ girls 800:21:18TIME ONLY